Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to Glow, Delicate Raymond!

It's no secret that we, at Glow, LOVE a good jewelry line. But most of the time, the lines we carry are adored for more than just the beautiful way it's pieces can pull an outfit together; they're adored for the love put into creating them and the stories that inspired them.

Delicate Raymond, Glow's newest jewelry line, is one of those lines. We're excited to bring you this collection of handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings that offer a unique blend of designs. Michelle Zimmerman, Delicate Raymond's Founder, designs jewelry with a simple goal: "to surpass all trends and produce timeless, affordable and sustainable pieces."

Named after her grandfather, a Pacific Northwest lapidary and gemologist, this line is inspired by the founder's surroundings and reflections of her time living and traveling abroad in Europe, Africa and South America. "From the grandeur of Old Hollywood to the Golden Altar of San Jose in Panama City; to the colorful spice markets in Marrakech and sandy beaches of California, Michelle creates successful marriages of silver and 14K gold chains with semi precious stones, pearls, and crystals." (
We hope our customers love this line as much as we do! Welcome to Glow, Delicate Raymond
Carrie Underwood in the 16" Vintage Monogram Necklace.

Audrina Patridge in the Sideways Cross Necklace

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