Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get the DL on BB

If you’ve flipped through the pages of Allure magazine in the past 6 months, you might’ve noticed a new product in skincare that several lines are creating: BB Cream. They’re everywhere! From drugstore cosmetic aisles to department store makeup counters BB Creams have made a full blown explosion on the beauty scene. 

But what is it, you say?  Consider this your source for BB Creams Decoded.
BB stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and was created by German Dermatologists. The concept quickly caught on in other parts of the country and the good ole USA jumped on the bandwagon. 

BB Creams are popular because they pack a lot of punch. They’re antioxidant filled to help brighten, moisturize, and prime your skin. Most contain an SPF which is so important for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and preventing wrinkles.  

BB Creams can also be used in place of foundation if you’re looking for light feel! Available in different shades, it provides coverage for sun spots, acne and wrinkles while smoothing your skin. Most are silicone based which will give your skin such an amazing feeling.
How great it is that one little product can do so much! In this fast paced world, products like BB Creams are needed to simplify your beauty routine without skimping on necessary factors.  This little product has been claimed as the “duct tape of the makeup world.”

We carry several versions of BB Creams at Glow, so it might take some testing to see what is right for you. Our Glow Girls all have their preference so feel free to ask their opinions! BB Creams are definitely GLOW APPROVED! 

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