Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beat the Heat!

The 90˚ weather forecast, the frizzy look your hair gets as soon as you step outside, the daily desire to plunge yourself into a crisp cool pool….yep, its Summer. And in this sweltering Alabama humidity, your makeup routine might need an update! 

Don’t be a hot mess! Follow these tricks and tips to creating a melt-proof, flawless face this season. 
 1. Oil-free is your friend. Even dry-skinned girls will get oilier in the summer. Spread a dime-sized amount of oil-free foundation over your nose, under eyes and inner cheek areas. Try High Definition Healthy FX Foundation by Smashbox. Its oil-free and contains SPF 15 which will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. This foundation gives great coverage but is light enough for the hot temperatures.
  2. Use a sponge to work the foundation outward. The outward motion will give you an even coverage that is sheerest near your hair and jawline. These are your most sweat-prone parts of your face. The Beauty Blender Sponge, used by celebrity makeup artists, will ensure you won’t miss a spot. 

  3. Take a cream blush and blend in circles on the apples of your cheeks. Resist blending along the cheekbone—try to stay in the apple. Wait 10 seconds, and then press a tissue over the cream blush to remove extra color. You don’t want to look like a painted on doll face so this helps the color appear more natural. Stila makes a great convertible color compact that can be used as a cream blush or a lipstick. 
  4.  Humidity can cause a crease in your eye shadow. Use an eye shadow primer like Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, one of our best sellers. Lift up your brow to smooth your lid and apply the primer. Wait a few seconds and apply cream shadow with a flat brush. Don’t use your fingers because they deposit oil which might cause creasing. Smashbox just came out with a great selection of 15-hour wear cream shadows.
  5. Pull your lid taut and apply a waterproof liner in a back and forth motion above the lashes. Finish with mascara. Bare Minerals ‘Round the Clock is a great waterproof eyeliner pencil that won’t fade. Too Faced Lashgasm mascara is a fan favorite among customers. 

     6. Top off with a lip color to complete your look. The lip stains by Stila are hard to beat. With anti-oxidants that are good for your skin and reacts to your pH levels it will not only make you look good but feel good too!

TIP: Blotting papers work wonders during the hot summer months. Throw a pack of Jane Iredale’s  Facial Blotting Papers in your purse and you’ll always be ready to pat the shine away. 

Summer is never short of social soirees, beat the heat and put your best face forward with these heat-proof makeup tricks!

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